How Do You Find Out If It's Really
"Your Turn To Win?"

Get On The Straight Road 
To The Life You Desire!

Unlike 99% of other self-development books, YOUR TURN TO WIN actually empowers you with tools and step-by-step instructions to overcome the major obstacles (visible and invisible) that are blocking you from the life you desire and deserve.

Lance Heft
Author, Entreprenuer, TV Host

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Robert White

    The concepts here are solid. More importantly, they are already proven successful by a serial entrepreneur and student of "what works in the real world."

    I've read and studied personal development for thirty plus years. One filter I use in evaluating a book or seminar is "has the author/presenter actually done what he or she is promising to teach me."

  • Diane Creston

    If there are things in your life whether it's relationships, career choices, money management, body image, health, or saving for your dream home that aren't working for you, there's a reason.  

    Did you ever wonder why? The why is: if you keep doing the same things, and getting the same results...there's something wrong. Heft's book is full of concrete and actionable answers that will help you achieve your dreams.

So What’s The Book About?

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10 Important Things You'll You’ll Discover

  1. Develop a concrete Action Plan applicable to all of your goals 
  2. Discover what fears are blocking you from  your desired life, and to learn how to overcome and manage these fears. 
  3. Uncover meaning in your life and identify your purpose 
  4. Stop the counterproductive cycles that hold you back 
  5. Find and explore your passions and make them part of your life 
  6. Gain confidence 
  7. Improve and understand your relationships 
  8. Be free of worry and find internal peace 
  9. Practice gratitude and see its benefits
  10.  Learn how to use the power of modeling and networking

About The Author

Business leader and author, Lance Heft, is committed to helping people reach their full potential. His inquisitive nature inspired him to develop a television series, where he could ask successful people about their own inspirations, how they overcame obstacles, and their secrets to living the life of they desire. 

Lance gets to the heart of the matter in every episode, finding out what makes people tick, and discovering the goals and dreams that unite us all.

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